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Laserball is a brain-cracking puzzle game for the ATARI ST/STe/Falcon

Info: This is not a new release. It is the 2015 version brought to itch.

- endless puzzling fun with 70+ levels

- included leveleditor

A game by Thomas Ilg 1991/2014/15 . With levels by Ulrich Ilg .  

Character design by Melanie Schober . Music by xFalcon .  

SNDH playback by gwem/YM Rockerz & Paradize 

Find out more www.hd-videofilm.com/laserball



... One of my favourite games and also something that tests your intelligence in such a way that will push you to the very boundaries of your mind's logic-calculating ability! ... ... Laserball is a frustratingly enjoyable game, to say the least, yet as good as any puzzler could ever possibly be. ... http://ataricrypt.blogspot.co.at/2015/06/im-honoured.html


A new(ish) game for the ST! Thomas Ilg has given us an updated version of his 1991 public domain puzzle game inspired by deflektor and sliding block puzzle games. It's a really well thought out idea and well executed too. Laserball 2014 (Atari ST) - YouTube

ATTENTION for Windows Standalone Downloads!

There is an unresolved issue. The game is unable to auto-quit the emulator when exiting. You must press "enter" or "q" when you hang on a black screen on exit.

Release date Jun 01, 2015
Tagsatari-st, deflector, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesCzech, German, English, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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LASERBALL 2015.st - ATARI ST floppy Image 720 kB
LASERBALL 2015 - ATARI ST ZIP folder 149 kB
LASERBALL 2015 - Windows Standalone 6 MB
Laserball Instructions DE_EN.pdf 4 MB


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Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:42:45. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hi. I can't get this to load. ST file gives 4 bombs. I created a disk from the ZIP and it just hangs on the loading screen "laden"

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Ohh! That is a bummer! I need to investigate this. 4 Bombs reffers to an illigal instruction - that should not happen.

Can you give me your system specs?

As you created a disk, I guess you are on real hardware? Standard ST? Do you have 1MB of Ram? All files copied correctly?

Maybe you can help me with a cross-check: if you have the chance, run the same files you copied to your floppy inside an emulator with the same specs as your ST... just to see if it works there or not.

Sidenote: Laserball was the first game that I created when getting back into retro gaming... it is way less sophisticated than my later games, as the core code originates in 1991. So a lot of later stuff is missing in this game.

Update: I re-downloaded the .st and .zip and I tryed to replicate your problem, but to no success. I tyed it in Emulation as I have no access to real hardware right now.

Everything plays fine with standard ST 1MB Ram. 512k Ram just hangs behind the language selection (not what you describe).

The only thing that comes close: If I delete the content of the "data" folder, the game hangs on "laden...". pls make sure all files are copied correctly when you create your floppy.

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Hi anarcholab

Thanks for getting back to me.

The problem appears to be just with TOS 2.06.  It might not be worth your time fixing it. I think I'll buy a TOS switcher.


I tested a few combinations:


* .ST image

STF 1MB RAM TOS 1.02 **OK**

STE 1MB RAM TOS 1.06 **OK (autoboots)** 

STE 1MB RAM TOS 1.62 **OK (autoboots)**

STE 4MB RAM TOS 1.62 **OK (autoboots)**

STE 1MB RAM TOS 2.06 **4 bombs reading disk**

STE 4MB RAM TOS 2.06 **4 bombs reading disk**

* created new .ST image and copied LASER15 folder over

STE 4MB RAM TOS 2.06 **hangs on 'LADEN'**


.ST image: **4 bombs reading disk**

new disk: **hangs on 'LADEN'**

Thanks for the clarification. Yes! I can reproduce it in TOS2.06!
I also had a quick look into the code and see nothing that jumps out to me that could cause that at this moment.

My first thought is: Laserball was written and compiled with an older version of GFA Basic - it was before I was even aware of newer versions. Maybe this old version of GFA comes from a time before TOS2.06 and therefore causes issues???

Bringing this old code to a newer version of GFA to check that point is a big task. So it is unlikely I will adress this in the near future.

Going for an older TOS is definitely a good solutiion. Sorry for this.

Nice game!

Comments and gameplay videos welcome! Let me know when you enjoy my games! :)